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Market Stats

Product Summary

Ope's currently produces three categories of food products: Stuffed Sandwiches, Veggie Burger Patties, and Cookies. All of these food items are good for you, good for our planet, and taste delicious. All of our products are made in a gourmet artisan-like fashion with non-GMO ingredients and a harmonious blend of old school natural unprocessed style and goodness with a new school knowledge of nutrition, health, and environmental concerns relative to diet.

Market Summary

There is a growing demand in America for food products that are vegetarian. Ope's recognizes this and creates only great tasting, unique food that is the healthiest possible for the consumer and our environment.

A recent poll by Roper and VRG reveal that 18% of all households claim at least one vegetarian, accounting for nearly 28 million true vegetarians nationwide, with 48.2 million people who like to consider themselves vegetarian with exceptions. 

The following statistics support the growing trend for vegetarian and non-GMO food items in grocery, health food, and other retail markets:

  • There is a 25% increase per year of Americans claiming to be vegetarian
  • 20% of American adults are very likely to choose a restaurant that serves vegetarian items when they decide to eat out
  • The National Restaurant Association discovered that as many as 20% of all college students consider themselves vegetarian, and the number is rising
  • 45% of female college students eat primarily vegetarian menu items
  • 20-25% (48 million) Americans use meat alternatives for 4+ meals a week (Mintel Consumer Intelligence 2001)
  • The National Marketing Institute (Mother Jones, January, 2003) reports that 30 percent of adult American consumers make purchasing decisions based on issues of the environment, social justice, health, etc.

Most likely, your food service could benefit by offering a group of unique, healthier, great-tasting vegetarian and non-GMO menu items. We would like to help you and those you serve by providing a group of unique, healthier, great-tasting vegetarian and non-GMO menu items that are artisan-made. Thank you for your support of a healthier planet.