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Ope’s Founder Begins 2012 Comfortably Unaware – Global Depletion and Food Responsibility Speaking Tour!

February 06, 2012 at 12:39 PM

West coast tour begins February 18th at the University of California Berkeley.  Topics being covered are:

Global Depletion and Food Choice
Why the single most relevant culprit in the destruction of our planet is being excluded within conversations about global depletion, and how we can change that fact.

The Sustainability Conversation: Why Sustainability Initiatives Exclude Food Choice as a Relevant Culprit in Global Depletion
A triad approach to the ways in which our food choices are affecting our health, the planet's health and the welfare of the animals.

Your Food Choices are Killing You ... and Our Planet
This presentation offers a basic outline of the facts and information pivotal to Dr. Oppenlander's work and within his inaugural book COMFORTABLY UNAWARE; the ill-health of our bodies and our planet based on what we choose to eat daily.